Giving you peace of mind that multilingual help and information are at hand, no matter what the time zone or destination may be.

In an emergency simply text the word HELP & the country you’re in e.g.
HELP Spain and we’ll call straight back and speak the language for you.


When you want information simply text us the information you need and
we’ll text you back e.g. directions to the nearest chemist.

Or text for worldwide information

Or if it’s information you need, just text us your request and we’ll reply with the details. When resort information isn’t readily available simply text us your request e.g. I need a number for a taxi firm in Cadiz, Spain and we’ll send you the information you need.

Wherever you are, whatever you need, whenever you need it, our team of experts and native language speakers are only a text message away.

*Subject to CallUma’s Fair Usage Policy

Just Text HELP for an emergency call-back
In any emergency abroad where you need help and don’t know what to do or can’t understand the language, simply text the words HELP and the country you are in e.g. HELP Spain and a multilingual assistant will call you straight back and speak the language for you.

Just Text HELP membership includes unlimited multilingual emergency assistance and unlimited information text messages*. All text messages are charged at your standard network rate. Your network provider’s roaming charges will apply.
When should I use Just Text HELPELP

Just Text HELP in an emergency... Or text for worldwide information... Unlimited use... Unlimited help... Unlimited peace of mind... If you need a doctor or a dentist... For help if you lose your passport... If you need to cancel your credit cards... If you’ve been involved in an accident... If you’re an overseas victim of crime... To have a phrase or sentence translated... For a phone number or directions... For local restaurants, activities, attractions, public transport...

Customer Testimonials
Mrs Scott (Brighton)
When my passport went missing in Portugal, Just TEXTHELP gave me the embassy address and telephone number and helped me report the loss at the local police station by speaking to the policeman for me in Portugese.

Miss Price (Southport)
I was confident that my private hire car company would have provided a help-line telephone number should I have a problem, how wrong was I? I was really stuck so thank goodness for Just TEXTHELP helping me.

Mr Harper (Gwent)
My son was desperate for us to hire a boat while on holiday. I had no idea where to go so I asked Just TEXTHELP who found me a hire company within minutes. It really made our holiday and I was my son’s hero. I would recommend Just TEXTHELP to anyone.

Mrs Downing (Essex)
We have joined Just TEXTHELP for peace of mind. We could have done with their help last year when my son had an allergic reaction to a mosquito bite. We were really stuck not speaking the language and not being able to explain the situation clearly to the local doctor.
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Customer Testimonials